I have worked with Sarah Johns on numerous events  throughout the years, including corporate galas with THE party band Doctor Strangelove, in addition to featuring her in a variety of shows from opening ceremonies to elaborate stage productions.  She is a true professional with a great attitude that includes hard work and preparation. But above all she is truly gifted with an amazing voice and a spirit that fills the room.
Al Guraliuk,
Total Entertainment Network
Sarah Johns brings 110% to every project she is involved with. Whether she is singing "live" with her band Dr. Strangelove or in the studio lending her voice to world wide projects, she brings an infectious energy that makes working with her a total joy.
Catherine St.Germain,
Entertainment Coordinator
Sarah gives a new meaning to the following four words: Talented, Electrifying, Energetic, and Sexy.  She oozes stage presence and personality, not to mention she has legs for days.
Don Adams,
Donpaul Ent Inc
Sarah Johns is the ultimate secret weapon in the voice over industry. Get her behind a mic to sing, announce or be a character in a sketch, you can't go wrong, you've hired the best!
Wayne Kozak
When you hear Sarah's voice, you hear an audible smile! She has the voice of an angel, the wit of a little devil, and the fortitude of a fishwife. What more could you ask for?
Alex Whittaker
Sarah always brings professionalism to a recording session. From a sultry sexy read, to an upbeat positive energy read, Sarah always delivers. Give her a listen!
Gord Lord
Sarah's on our "A-Team" when it comes to voicing or singing on our projects.  She's a consummate professional and a world class talent!
Judy Harnett & Paul Airey
Sarah Johns is a STAR. Always was. Besides being luminously beautiful and hysterically funny (always a killer combination), she is also artistically gifted and confident enough to express it.
Zachary Throne
Sarah Johns is absolutely one of the Vancouver voices that we love to hear. She has a beautiful, natural, husky voice and, she makes people laugh. Behind the mic and away from the mic. Oh yeah, she sings real good too.
Colin Weinmaster
I have worked on and off stage with Sarah Johns for the past two decades and the talent, energy and enthusiasm that emits from this funny and gifted singer/actor/entertainer is nothing short of amazing. Sarah has a beautifully rich contralto voice, her comedic timing is brilliant and her stage presence is intoxicating -- this pretty lady was born to be on stage and in front of the camera!